Atlantic, Tennessee & Ohio

The grandly-named road  was chartered in 1852 and construction began in 1860. It connected Charlotte to Davidson, North Carolina in 1861 and was extended to Statesville by March 1863. In 1864, its rails were removed to support more important roads, primarily the Piedmont Railroad and the Charlotte & South Carolina RR.

It was operated by the Charlotte & South Carolina Railroad.

Black's Number 23 (map)
Track 47 miles of 5 foot gauge T-rail of 46# (42 miles) and strap of unknown weight (6 miles)
Locomotives None -- leased from Charlotte & South Carolina Railroad
Cars None -- leased from Charlotte & South Carolina Railroad
Stations 8
Officers Most
Annual Reports
1-1-63 President
Significant Documents
NP, WD 1-15-61
NP, NCW 1-22A-61
NP, WD 2-12A-61
NP, GP 2-28-61
NP, FO 3-4-61
NP, RSTD 3-6-61
NP, FO 3-11-61
NP, DB 5-16-61
NP, DB 9-10-61
NP, FO 9-12-61
NP, RR 11-13-61
NP, CW 11-18-61
NP, WD 1-7-62
NP, DB 1-9-62
NP, DB 1-9D-62
NP, DB 1-23-62
NP, WD 2-5-62
NP, WD 2-5A-62
NP, RSTD 7-2A-62
NP, RSTD 7-9B-62
NP, SC 10-14-62
AR, C&SC 1-1-63 P
NP, WD 1-20-63
NP, WD 2-17-63
NP, CW 3-16-63
NP, DB 3-24-63
NP, DB 3-24A-63
NP, WD 3-24-63
NP, DB 4-1-63
NP, DB 4-1B-63
NP, GP 4-2-63
NP, IE 4-23-63
NP, DB 5-6-63
NP, GP 5-21-63
NP, DB 6-1-63
NP, IE 6-4-63
NA, ENG 6-16C-63
NA, ENG 6-16D-63
NA, ENGR 6-16A-63
NA, ENG 6-20-63
NP, DB 8-10B-63
NP, DB 9-2-63
NA, RRB 11-25A-63
SCA, C&C 11-30-63
NP, IE 12-3A-63
NP, IE 12-3B-63
NP, IE 12-17-63
NCA, RRB 2-11-64
NP, WD 2-23-64
NA, ENG 3-7A-64
NP, WD 3-15-64
NA, ENG 3-24A-64
NA, ENG 4-2A-64
NP, WD 4-5B-64
NP, RCF 4-13A-64
NA, ENG 4-29C-64
NA, QM 5-7A-64
NA, QM 6-1-64
NA, DSCGF 6-27-64
NA, DSCGF 6-27A-64
NA, DSCGF 6-27B-64
NP, CWG 6-28-64
NP, CW 6-x-64
OR Series 1, Vol. 51, Part 2, Page 1029
NA, DSCGF 7-8-64
NA, DSCGF 7-8A-64
NP, AC 7-8-64
NA, ENG 7-9A-64
NA, ENG 7-9C-64
NA, ENGR 7-9-64
NA, ENGR 7-9A-64
NA, DSCGF 7-10-64
NA, DSCGF 7-10B-64
NA, ENGR 7-10-64
NA, ENGR 7-19-64
NA, ENG 7-21-64
NA, ENG 7-21B-64
NA, ENG 7-22D-64
NA, ENG 7-22E-64
NA, ENG 7-22H-64
NA, ENG 7-23A-64
NA, AT&O 7-26-64
NA, ENG 7-24-64
NA, ENG 7-26E-64
NA, ENG 8-8A-64
NA, ENG 8-8B-64
NA, ENG 8-8C-64
NA, AT&O 8-12-64
NA, ENGR 8-13-64
NA, ATO 8-25-64
NA, ENGR 9-23-64
NA, ENGR 11-20-64
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