OR, Series 1, Vol. 51, Part 2, Page 1029

Greensborough, Guilford County, N. C., July 1, 1864
Hon. James A. Seddon, Secretary of War, Richmond, Va.
  On my arrival at this place four or five days ago I found the enemy had destroyed a part of the Richmond & Danville Railroad south of Burkeville. To aid in making the repairs vital to the working of the road and the supply of General Lee's army, I sent Lieut. Col. John J. Clarke, engineer, to Charlotte, N. C., with orders to remove iron from the Charlotte and Statesville road {the Atlantic, Tennessee & Ohio Railroad} and forward it to Danville, the same being a military necessity. The working parties have been organized by Colonel Clarke, and the work will be pressed as rapidly as the means at hand will permit. Under my instructions Colonel Clarke and Capt. E. T. D. Myers, engineers, will do all in their power to forward the repairs on the Richmond & Danville Railroad. Both of these officers are now on the road near the break to give professional assistance. In the meantime as many wagons and teams as possible should be put on the break to haul forward the supplies most needed by the army. Maj. J. N. Edmondston, inspector of field transportation at this place, has been very successful in his efforts to collect draft animals in this region of country for artillery and transportation purposes (over 500), which he is forwarding as rapidly as possible to Clarksville, Va., subject to the orders of Maj. George Johnston, chief inspector field transportation at Richmond. If these animals or a part of them can be spared for hauling across the break in the road, they will be near the point when at Clarksville. I fear it will require from twenty-five to thirty days to get the cars running through. At present supplies will have to be hauled about twenty-five miles, but the road is reported good. I suffer much from the condition of my eyes, but I will proceed to Richmond as soon as I think I can be of any service in the bureau or elsewhere. While I will do all that is possible to renew the connections now broken and to press forward supplies, if necessary I will have all the iron taken from the Charlotte and Statesville Railroad and transported to Danville, Va.
I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant
J. F. Gilmer
Major-General and Chief of Engineer Bureau
[First indorsement]
July 6, 1864
  To Quartermaster-General for attention to so much of the letter as relates to the horses sent to Clarksville, and such prompt action as he deems judicious. Return this letter.
J. A. Seddon, Secretary
[Second indorsement]
July 6, 1864
  Respectfully returned to the Secretary of War.
  The matters referred to in this letter which appertain to this Department had been already attended to.
A. R. Lawton