NA, ATO 8/25/1864

The Confederate States

Appropriation for Engineer Service

To Atlantic, Tenn. & Ohio R. R. Co.
Date Designation Application Cost
Dolls. Cts.


476 1/7 tons of rail road iron at $162 per ton Laid on Piedmont R. Road $77,135 14

Aug. 25

   I certify that the above account is correct and just; the articles to be (or have been) accounted for in my Property Return for _____ quarter of ____
CFM Garnett
   Received at Richmond, Va. this 17th day of November 1864 from Col. A. L. Rives the sum of Seventy seven thousand one hundred and thirty five 14/100 Dollars in full payment of the above account.
Wm Johnston  Prest
Atlantic Tenn & O R R Co