NP, RSTD 7/9B/1862

From the Raleigh Standard
July 9, 1862
Mr. William Johnston
   The Asheville News repeats the falsehood which was started by the Iredell Express, that we are opposed to Mr. Johnston for Governor because he voted against us for printer to the State Convention. How could Mr. Johnston vote against us for the place referred to, when we were not a candidate for it? *****
   We oppose him because the times call for an abler man than he is, and one more identified with the interests of North Carolina. Mr. Johnston is the President of a Railroad, the greater portion of which is in South Carolina {Charlotte & South Carolina RR}. He transacts his business as President of the Road in Columbia. In addition to this, he is the President of a Railroad from Charlotte to Statesville {Atlantic, Tennessee & Ohio RR}, which has the South Carolina guage, which he was no doubt mainly instrumental in laying down. The North Carolina guage is four feet eight inches and a half, and the South Carolina is five feet. Consequently, the North Carolina cars cannot be run on this Road, thus built in the heart of the State. Produce shipped at Statesville will be run through to Columbia or Charleston, instead of to Wilmington, Beaufort, and Newbern. No matter, therefore, what may be said, Mr. Johnston practically prefers the ports and interests of South Carolina to the ports and interests of his own State. We fear, if elected Governor, that this preference of his would be indulged and exhibited on a still larger scale. *****