NA, QM 6/1/1864

Quarter Master General's Department
Richmond, June 1st 1864
Messers Thos. Webb Pres. N. C. RRd  {President, North Carolina RR}
Wm Johnston Presdt  {President, Atlantic, Tennessee & Ohio RR}
"Company Shops" N. C. RRd
   Your favor of 26th ult. requesting that all restrictions upon private travel by Rail be rescinded, has been received and attentively considered. I would be glad to accede to your full request did the interests of the public service permit, and I have forwarded your communication to Major Carrington, Chief Prov. Marshall, with the recommendation that the rule be so far relaxed as to permit private travel in cases where there are strong reasons inducing it. But more than this I cannot recommend as yet; & I fear that it will not be possible to keep our Armies supplied and permit the running of two daily passenger trains. If the local travel seems to demand it, I would suggest that one passenger coach be attached to a freight train daily, running on regular freight schedule. This certainly should accommodate all the private travel at a time like the present. 
A. R. Lawton, Q. M. Genl.