NP, WD 2/23/1864

From the Western Democrat (Charlotte, N.C.)
February 23, 1864
Charlotte & S. C. and A., Tenn. & O. Railroads   {Charlotte & South Carolina RR and Atlantic, Tennessee & Ohio RR}
   Owning to the great risk of fire and the difficulty of disposing of freights at the terminal of these Roads, the following orders will be strictly observed:
   Shippers are forbidden from putting cotton and forage in the Depots or on any platform of this company without the consent of the Agent, otherwise, they will be held responsible for all damages to the company.
   Shippers must agree to promptly receive their freights at Charlotte, Columbia and Junction, and remove them upon delivery, especially when connecting Roads cannot receive them, otherwise they will loose priority of transportation.
   This company will not be responsible for any cotton or forage before loaded, or after it is discharged from its cars or for any goods after twenty-four hours from their delivery in its Depots.
   Agents will receipt for no goods until they are ready for shipment of the same.
   The general bad order of freights, the hazard of fire and the responsibility of this company requires that agents strictly enforce these regulations.
T. R. Sharp, Sup't