NA, ENG 8/8C/1864

Engineer Bureau
August 8th 1864
Wm. Johnston Esq
Presdt Charlotte & S. C. R. R.  {Charlotte & South Carolina RR}
Dear Sir,
   Your letter of 2d inst. has been only recd. The needs of the Gov't for the repairs of the main track lines are so great that I regret on examination to find it my duty to announce to you that the twelve miles of the Statesville R. R. {Atlantic, Tennessee & Ohio RR} iron already allowed to you for the repair of the Charlotte & S. C. R. R. is as much as can be spared. It is the intention of the Gov't to assist your main line when it becomes necessary to a further extent, by removing iron for the purpose from branch roads of secondary importance for S. Ca.
   The indication given in your letter that an arrangement by which the Gov't will bind itself to replace the track of the Statesville Road, say six months after peace, would be acceptable, has been called to the attention of Col. Garnett who has been instructed to open communication with you on the subject promptly. It is believed that such an arrangement can be made as will be acceptable to the company as well as the Government.
   It has given me sincere pleasure to not the patriotic sentiments expressed in your letter.
Vey resp'y yours
J. F. Gilmer
Maj. Genl. &c
   Your letter addressed to Mr. Seddon enclosing the award of the appraisers of the value of the Statesville R. R. iron has been referred to this Bureau & is now in Col. Garnett's hands. Should the arrangements proposed above be acceptable of course an immediate settlement for the value of the iron becomes no longer necessary.
J. F. G.
Chf Eng Bur.