NP, RSTD 7/2A/1862

From the Raleigh Standard
July 2, 1862
A Mistake
   Mr. Johnston expects to secure the support of Iredell County on account of his efforts in establishing the Railroad from Charlotte to Statesville {Atlantic, Tennessee & Ohio RR}. But does that bring the people of Iredell under any obligations to Mr. Johnston? Certainly not. The object of Mr. J. was not so much to help Iredell County as to help his South Carolina Railroad {Charlotte & South Carolina RR} and his favorite city, Charleston. That Road, while it may partially benefit the people of Iredell, contributes towards building up Mr. Johnston's Railroad and Charleston, to the injury of the Central Road and our own seaports. But the people of Iredell, looking to the interests of the State, will not allow influences of that kind to sway them to the support of Mr. Johnston. The question with them will be which will make the best Governor -- which is the man for the times, Mr. Johnston or Colonel Vance?