NA, ENG 7/26E/1864

Engineer Bureau
July 26th 1864
Wm. Sayre Esq
Richmond, Va.
   By direction of the Hon. Sec'y of War twelve miles of iron on the Charlotte & Statesville Road {Atlantic, Tennessee & Ohio RR} must be left at the end next to Charlotte, subject to the order of Wm Johnston Presdt Charlotte & S. C. R. R. You will determine with accuracy the length of track you have removed and give a statement of the same to the agents of the company. All the iron removed except twelve miles subject to the order of Mr. Johnston will be forwarded to Danville as rapidly as you can obtain transportation for the same over the N. C. R. R.
   You will please prepare pay rolls in duplicate in the usual way for the services performed in removing the iron also accounts in duplicate for the material & tools employed in executing the work & notify this Bureau as to the whole amount due. On the weight of this an officer will be sent with funds to make payments.
Resp'y &c
J. F. Gilmer
Maj. Genl. &c