NA, ENG 8/8B/1864

   Endorsement on letter from Wm. Johnston Presdt Charlotte & S. C. R. Rd. enclosing report of the commissioners as to the value of the rails removed by the Govt from Atlantic, Tenn. & Ohio RR asking immediate payment. July 15/64. Ref by Hon Sec'y of War 22 July 64.
   Eng Bureau 8 Aug 64. Res referred to Col. C. F. M. Garnett for consideration & report. From a letter recently received from Mr. Garnett it would seem that the most acceptable arrangement which could be made by the Gov't with the Statesville R. Rd. Co. would be to enter into an agreement to replace the iron after a treaty of peace.
   Col. Garnett will therefore please communicate promptly with Mr. Johnston, and make such offers to him in accordance with the above views as have been authorized by the Hon Sec'y of War.
By order Maj Genl Gilmer
A. L. Rives
Col. &c