This road was chartered in 1852, construction began in 1858 and was completed to McIver's in late 1860. Confederate authorities had the road extended to Egypt, with completion in 1863. In 1862, the road indicated an intention to extend to the North Carolina RR and then into the Yadkin River Valley. The road connected the coal pits of Egypt to Fayetteville, North Carolina, a port on the Cape Fear River. Coal was taken down the river to Wilmington for use by the Confederate Navy and the blockade runners and for distribution to other southeastern locations by railroad. It was frequently call the Coalfield RR.

There was a connection from the road to the Fayetteville Arsenal and Armory by 1862, but its length and date of construction are unknown. If the two orders we have for ties are for the entire spur, it was about 6/10 mile long.

Black's Number 22 (map)
Track 44 miles of 4 foot 8 inch gauge T-rail; 11 miles of 56# and 33 miles of 52#
Locomotives 3; 3 names
Cars About 60
Stations 7
Officers Some
Tredegar Purchases All
Significant Documents
NP, FO 1-3-61
NP, GP 1-24-61
NP, NCW 1-29A-61
NP, WD 2-12-61
NP, FO 2-25-61
NP, CW 3-5-61
NP, RSTD 3-6-61
NP, GP 3-7-61
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NP, GP 3-14-61
NP, FO 3-25-61
NP, WJ 3-26-61
NP, FO 3-28-61
NP, GP 4-4-61
NP, GP 4-18-61
NP, GP 4-18A-61
B9, DEB 4-xB-61
NP, WJ 5-4-61
NP, RSTD 6-12-61
NP, RSTD 6-29-61
NP, WJ 6-29-61
NP, RSTD 7-17-61
NP, CW 8-5-61
NP, WJ 8-10-61
NP, RSTD 8-14A-61
NP, RSTD 8-21-61
NP, WJ 8-23-61
NP, FO 8-26-61
NP, FO 8-26A-61
NP, FO 8-28-61
NP, FO 8-28A-61
NP, RSTD 8-28-61
NP, RSTD 8-28A-61
NP, FO 9-2-61
NP, WJ 10-30-61
NP, YE 12-12-61
NP, WJ 12-16-61
NP, RSTD 12-18A-61
NP, RD 2-7-62
NA, RR 2-28-62
NP, RSJ 4-5-62
NP, RR 4-19-62
NP, RSTD 6-4B-62
NP, RSTD 7-16A-62
NA, W 7-29-62
NP, FO 8-20-62
NP, FO 8-29-62
NP, FO 9-27-62
NP, RSTD 10-15A-62
NP, RSTD 10-15B-62
NA, W 10-31-62
NP, FO 1-8-63
NP, FO 1-22-63
NP, FO 1-22A-63
NP, RSTD 3-24A-63
NA, DCF 3-26-63
NP, FO 5-4-63
NP, FO 6-1-63
NP, FO 6-22-63
NA, CSN 6-29-63
NP, FO 8-20-63
NP, FO 9-28-63
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NA, RRB 1-8B-64
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