Southern Pacific

After several name and charter changes, the road was finally chartered in 1856 to build from the Louisiana line to El Paso, as part of a road from the Mississippi River to the Pacific. Construction started in 1857. Grading was almost complete when the purchased rail to fill the gap was seized by the Confederate government to construct gunboats and shore defense casements at Gordon's Landing, near Shreveport. In August 1863, 14 miles of the road's rail from Jonesville to Swanson's Landing was removed and re-laid from Jonesville to Greenwood, Louisiana (completed by May 1864) in an effort to connect Marshall, Texas to Shreveport, Louisiana to support the Confederate Army's defense of the region. It appears that rail from the Red River RR was planed to be used to go west out of Shreveport, but the new road was still 14 miles from Shreveport when the war ended.
Black's Number 109 (map) (map) (map)
Track 27 miles of T-rail, 5 foot 6 inch gauge and 58# per yard
Locomotives 3; 3 names
Cars 6
Stations 8
Officers Many
Significant Documents
NP, TR 1-5-61
NP, TR 1-5A-61
NP, DH 1-9B-61
NP, RD 1-9-61
NP, TR 1-12-61
NP, TR 1-19-61
NP, DH 2-6-61
NP, TR 2-9-61
NP, BB 2-19A-61
NP, GN 3-5-61
NP, NODC 3-25-61
NP, NODC 3-25A-61
NP, NODC 3-26-61
NP, NODC 3-28-61
NP, NODC 4-3-61
NP, RD 4-4-61
NP, AE 4-5-61
NP, NODC 4-9-61
NP, MAP 4-10-61
NP, NODC 4-10-61
NP, MA 4-16-61
NP, MA 4-16A-61
NP, NODC 4-16-61
NP, STD 4-20-61
NP, NODC 4-22-61
NP, DH 5-1-61
NP, MRT 5-4-61
NP, HT 5-7-61
NP, DAC 5-10-61
NP, RD 5-13B-61
NP, DAC 5-31-61
TX, SP 8-31-61
MISC, SP 9-7-61
NP, SN 9-13-61
NP, SN 9-19-61
MISC, SP 9-26-61
NP, RD 11-19B-61
NP, NODC 11-25-61
NP, DH 11-27-61
NP, RD 1-13-62
TX, SP 1-25-62
NP, ASCY 2-2-62
TX, SP 2-14-62
TX, SP 4-2-62
TX, SP 4-5-62
TX, SP 6-12-62
NP, SN 10-3-62
NP, TR 1-29-63
NP, MAP 2-7-63
TX, SP 2-17-63
TX, SP 6-1-63
NA, DTM 8-15-63
NA, DTM 11-11-63
NA, DTM 11-12-63
NA, DTM 11-17-63
NA, DTM 11-20-63
NA, DTM 11-28-63
NP, SN 1-12-64
NA, DTM 1-17-64
NA, DTM 1-26-64
NA, DTM 2-24-64
NA, DTM 3-4-64
NA, DTM 4-11-64
NP, SN 5-31-64
TX, SP 6-1-64
NA, SP 6-3-64
NA, DTM 6-15-64
NA, DTM 7-30-64
NP, SN 4-8-65
NA, DTM 4-12-65
TX, SP 6-1-65