Nashville & Northwestern

This road connected Nashville with the Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers. It was chartered in 1852 and was complete from Nashville to Kingston Springs, Tenn. when the war started (24 miles). Another section was complete from Hickman, Ky. (on the Mississippi River, just above the Tennessee border) to McKenzie, Tenn. (55 miles). The Union Army extended the eastern section from Kingston Springs to Johnsonville (on the Tennessee River) to get around the problem of low water in that river. 
Black's Number 72 (map) (map)
Track 79 miles of 5 foot gauge of 56# T-rail
Locomotives 6; 6 names
Cars Unknown
Stations 18
Officers President & Superintendent
Annual Reports Included in
Significant Documents
NP, MDA 1-24-61
NP, NUA 2-11-61
NP, NUA 2-19B-61
NP, RD 9-28A-61
OR Series 1, Vol. 52, Part 2, Page 158
NP, MAP 10-11-61
NA, N&NW 11-20-61
NA, RR 1-11-62
OR Series 1, Vol. 52, Part 2, Page 294
NA, N&C 4-22-63
OR Series 3, Vol. 5,  Page 933