This road was built between 1834 and 1837. It connected Tallahassee with the Gulf port town of St. Marks to give Tallahassee port access. The road was purchased by the Pensacola & Georgia Railroad in 1855 and rebuilt by them. Though a separate corporation, it was operated in conjunction with the Pensacola & Georgia.
Black's Number 55 (map) (map)
Track 21 miles of 5 foot gauge 56# T-rail
Locomotives 2; 2 names
Cars Unknown
Stations 3
Officers Most
Significant Documents
NP, FS 9-17A-61
NP, FJ 11-2A-61
FA, P&G 11-25-61
FA, P&G 11-29-61
NP, RD 12-9E-61
NP, TD 12-29A-61
NP, RD 1-1-62
FHS, FL 3-20-62
NP, FJ 7-26-62
NA, SWR 6-10-63
NP, COL 8-12-63
NA, ENG 9-23-63
NA, ENGR 10-30-63
NA, ENG 1-7-64
NA, ENG 1-9-64
NA, ENG 1-9C-64
NA, ENG 2-22H-64
NA, QMR 4-6A-64
NP, QD 7-20-64
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