Tennessee Coal & Railroad

The road was chartered in 1852 as the Sewanee Railroad, construction began in 1853 and was completed in 1860. The road connected the Tracy City coal mines to the Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad at Cowan.

The company reorganized in 1860 under the Tennessee name. It was seized in 1861 because 10 of its 12 directors were residents of New York. The Confederated Army operated the mines and railroad until evacuating the area in 1863. During the time the Confederate Army operated the mines, they went back under the Sewanee name. All railroad equipment was evacuated to the south.

Black's Number Part of 68 (map) (map)
Track 20 miles of 5 foot gauge of unknown type and weight
Locomotives 2; 2 names
Cars At least 36
Stations 3
Officers N/A