Red River

The correct name for the Alexandria & Cheneyville Railroad. The road was chartered in 1835, construction began in 1836 and stopped in 1841. One source says that in April 1863, Union troops captured the southern end of the road; the Confederacy responded by removing the remaining rails to provide iron plating for gunboats on the Red River. However, Confederate letters as late as March 1864 indicate that the railroad was still operating. Other reports have the rails being removed in 1864 to complete a road from Marshall, Tx. to Shreveport, La. Still other reports have the rails and sills being used to make the dams that saved the Union Navy.
Black's Number 99 (map) (map)
Track 16 miles of 5 foot gauge of strap of unknown weight
Locomotives 1; name unknown
Cars Very few
Stations 3
Officers President
Significant Documents
NP, AXC 6-1-61
NA, RdR 5-4-63
NA, RdR 5-6-63
NA, CSN 5-9-63
NA, DTM 8-1-63
NA, DTM 4-12-65