New Orleans, Opelousas & Great Western

The road was chartered in 1851 and construction began the next year. Construction was halted in 1857 when the rails reached Brashear. Before the war, the road did a  lively business carrying passengers from Texas to New Orleans, meeting scheduled steamers twice weekly at Brashear. In 1860, 29,000 passengers used the road. 

With the blockade's declaration, the road's desire to connect to a Texas road at Orange, Texas took on greater urgency. Both the Louisiana and Confederate governments attempted to assist in getting the road extended. By May 1862, 45 miles had been completed, except for laying the track, from Brashear to New Iberia. If the New Orleans & Texas RR had been constructed, it would probably connected to this road at Vermillionville, 15 miles further along the unbuilt NO, O & GW.

In early May 1862, Union troops captured the entire length of the road and put it back into operation. Confederate troops recaptured the western portion in late May and both armies operated portions of the road until Union troops recaptured the entire road in November 1862. Except for a Confederate raid the next year, the Union retained the road for the rest of the war.

Black's Number 94 (map) (map)
Track 83 miles of 5 foot 6 inch gauge 65# T-rail
Locomotives 12; 12 names
Cars 228
Stations 16
Officers 1861 - 1863
Produce Deliveries 1862
Annual Reports
1-1-62 President
1-1-62 Superintendent
1-1-63 President
1-1-63 Land Agent & Engineer
1-1-63 Superintendent
Significant Documents