This road was chartered in 1848 and completed in 1854. It connected upcountry South Carolina with the Greenville & Columbia Railroad.
Black's Number 32 (map)
Track 34 miles of 5 foot gauge of unknown type and weight
Locomotives Unknown; 3 names
Cars Unknown
Stations 7
Officers President & Superintendent
Tredegar Purchases All
Significant Documents
NP, CM 12-22-62
NA, ENG 7-27-63
SC, QM 8-24-63
NA, ENG 9-4A-63
NA, ENG 12-11A-63
NA, ENG 12-21-63
NA, ENGR 1-10-64
NA, ENG 2-22G-64
NA, ENG 2-25A-64
NA, QMR 3-11-64
NA, CS 4-25-64
NA, ENGR 9-27-64
NA, ENGR 10-27A-64
NA, ENGR 10-29-64
NA, ENGR 10-30A-64
NA, ENGR 12-3A-64
NA, QMR 1-10B-65