Knoxville & Kentucky

The road was chartered in 1853 and construction began in 1857. The road was far from complete when the war started, having not reached Clinton (17 miles west of Knoxville). 
Black's Number 78 (map)
Track 10 miles of 5 foot gauge of T-rail of 56#
Locomotives 1; 1 name
Cars Unknown
Stations 2
Officers Several
Annual Reports
1-1-61 President
1-1-61 Chief Engineer
1-1-63 President
1-1-63 Superintendent
Significant Documents
NA, DET 3-27-62
NA, DET 4-2-62
NA, DET 4-30-62
NA, ENG 12-3-62
NA, ENG 12-9E-62
NA, ENGR 4-16A-63
NP, KD 5-12-63
NA, ENG 5-18C-63
NA, ENGR 5-22B-63
NA, ENG 7-8A-63
NP, RD 2-15A-64
NA, SWR 11-23-64
NA, SWR 11-26A-64
NA, SWR 11-29A-64
NA, SWR 12-3A-64
NA, SWR 12-8-64
NA, SWR 12-8A-64
NA, SWR 12-10-64
NA, SWR 12-13-64