UNC, RR 3/10/1865

Salisbury N C  10th March 1865
Col. J. M. Otey
Charlotte NC
   I am here comparatively idle while there is an accumulation of nearly 120 car loads of troops, horses & artillery for the want of trains which are detained at Goldsboro by Gen'l Bragg's order. I received the following dispatch this mornings post
Capt T. R. Oates, Mil Supt RR
   Inform Maj Willis that Gen'l Bragg has issued orders prohibiting any of my trains to leave Goldsboro. There are (13) Thirteen trains thus detained and doing work for the A. & N. C. {Atlantic & North Carolina RR} and W. & W. R. R. {Wilmington & Weldon RR} I cannot send more trains to Salisbury until these are returned, having none to send. Send R. & G. {Raleigh & Gaston RR} hands here.
F. J. Sumner
   I've applied to Maj S. R. Chisman, for trains
and to Major W. W. Peirce, Raleigh
and to Maj W. S. Harvey, Goldsboro N. C. without success. It is important that the trains should be kept at Goldsboro. Would it not be well to order the artillery & wagons from here by land to Greensboro, and if the want of trains can be ascertained to last two or three days longer the troops would save time by making to the same point.
Very Respectfully
E Willis
Chil QM