UG, B&F 10/9/1861

Brunswick Oct 9th 1861
To His Excellency
Governor Joseph E. Brown
   The Rail Road iron has been removed to the Junction with the exception of one pile, reserved by Adj: Gen: Wayne, and a sufficient amount to put in side tracks. The ??ter will be sent up from day to day, with the train now employed in hauling cross ties, and timber for the repairs of bridges. The passenger train is run daily by our Locomotive. The material trains by the Locomotive of the S. A. & G. R. R. {Savannah, Albany & Gulf RR}. Mr Fulton {Superintendent, Savannah, Albany & Gulf RR} informed me the charge for a Locomotive and sixteen platform cars would be $100 per diem. I look forward with much anxiety to be relieved from such a charge, by the arrival of your Excellencies Locomotives and cars. I am also most anxious to see here the Agent who is to receive and disburse. At present there is a seeming conflict between the two roads, which I have done my best to soften down, but without success. 
   As I hoped in a very short time the connection would be made between the Central {(of Georgia) RR} and the S. A. & G. R. Rd at Savannah, and that its motive power, and rolling stock would be sent here from the State Road {Western & Atlantic RR}, I have endeavored to the best of my power to allay the feeling of disgust shown by the Employees of the S. A. & G. R. R. toward our road, and its service.
   We are unfortunately situated in not having either blacksmith or carpenters here. All have entered the Army. I have been, and am now without a blacksmith, and have but one carpenter to repair the bridges.
   I regret exceedingly to be compelled to trouble your Excellency at this time, but think it my duty, thus briefly to inform you how we are situated.
   Permit me to congratulate the State of Georgia upon the result of the late election.
I have the honor
to Remain Your Excellencies
Obedient Servant
Charles L. Schlatter
Supt: Pro: Tem
B. & F. R. R. Co.