UG, B&F 10/16/1861

Brunswick Oct 16th 1861
To His Excellency
Governor Joseph E. Brown
   Your letter of the 7th inst informing me that you would take charge of the B. & F. R. R. {Brunswick & Florida RR} as a military necessity was received yesterday.
   On the night of the 26th ulto:, Ad: Gen: Wayne arrived here, and instructed me to put the road in safe running order for the purpose of removing iron, and carrying troops &c. On the 27th ulto Mr Fulton {Superintendent, Savannah, Albany & Gulf RR} arrived here with 40 platform cars, Locomotives and men to take away the Rail Road iron. Also with Locomotive and Passenger train to run daily, and to carry troops &c. Heavy rains, and insufficient repairs, had placed the road in so bad a condition that it appears a miracle that no serious accident occurred.  I was compelled to assemble as heavy a force as I could obtain here, to get up the road as soon as possible, and to repair bridges &c. also to lengthen the side tracks here, and at Waynesville to accommodate the large number of cars sent here by the S. A. & G. R. R. {Savannah, Albany & Gulf RR} The rapid running of heavy iron trains over the road, soon rendered its condition more unsafe than I had ever known it. Hard work, with a good force, gradually increased to 50 hands, is now beginning to tell on the road and bridge, and I am in hopes in a few weeks to have the track in good running order, provided I can get cross ties enough to replace those which are rotten. There has been no permanent work planned or thought of; but it is absolutely necessary to make the road safe, and it will require a good force, for a short time, after which the extra hands can be discharged, and only as many retained as may be required for ordinary repairs. Your Excellency may rest assured that economy will be the order of the day on this road, and that no useless expenditures will be made.
   I accept the post to which you have assigned me, and will do the best I can under the circumstances. The business of the road has been very heavy since the 26th ulto, and we have been doing this business without accident or delay, but without the proper facilities for such an increased business.
   The equipment of our road consists of one locomotive partially repaired, running at night without a head light, and requiring at once a new set of truck wheels, one Locomotive which is so far repaired that it can be used for drilling the cars, but is not fit to run with a train, 4 worn out platform cars, 2 box cars requiring repair, 1 2d class Passenger car with flat wheels, and one blacksmith shop. We have no blacksmith or carpenter to do the necessary repairs required from day to day on the motive power and rolling stock. To make the road available as a military necessity, cars sufficient to move troops and military stores, with a spare Engine should be stationed at this place. We have now one Engine which hauls the material train, viz the telegraph poles, cross ties, and timber for repairs of bridges, and also relieves our Locomotive, when it is laid up for repairs, by running the Passenger train. Also 4 box cars, and 14 Platform cars, should an attack be made by the enemy while both Engines are up the road, we would have no means of removing the inhabitants military stores, or troops.
   If the S. A. & G. R. R. Co: charge $100 per diem for a locomotive and 16 cars, as Mr Fulton informed me would be done, our road would soon be eaten up. But I am in hopes that no charge will be made which is not customary on other connecting roads in Georgia, and I also hope to see your Excellencies Locomotives and cars on the road, when, with our present business I do not see why the road will not pay its own expenses.
   We have no one here who can fill the post of Station Agent, who is at all acquainted with the business. If it is possible, we would prefer an Agent of your own selection. We have no blanks, and the price for printing in Savannah, far exceeds that in Milledgeville. I would most respectfully suggest, that blanks be printed for this road, identical with those of the State road, and that all account, reports &c should be presented to you in the same form. This to me is a great inducement for having some one here of your own selection from the State Road {Western & Atlantic RR}.
I have the honor to
Your Excellencies
Obedient Servant
Charles L. Schlatter
B. & F. R. R. Co.