UG, B&A 6/13/1862

Brunswick Jun 13th 1862
To His Excellency Gov Joseph E Brown
Dear Sir,
   I feel it my duty to inform you how things are going on here, which if not put a Stop to will soon break up this Rail Road. Col. Schlatter, the Superintendent, is in liquor 3 quarters of his time, and it makes it very disagreeable for the persons who are under him. When in a state of intoxication, he does not attend to his duties. & when sober it is not much better.
   The Treasurer (who is a very young man) is acting as Supt for the present, (as Col Schlatter fell from the platform bruised his body very badly) he knows absolutely nothing of what is the duties of his office, & everything goes wrong. The trains start at all hours except the right one. & Sometimes go through in 3 hours & Sometimes in 8 without any accidents to render that delay unavoidable.
   Your presence here is very much needed, if it is possible for you to come.
   Mr. Glover the person who supplies the track hands with provisions has absconded with a considerable amount of money belonging to the Rail Road, he was a regular Yankee
  The track of this Road is very much in need of repairs & these are those several open cars (for which we are paying the SA & G RR {Savannah, Albany & Gulf RR} from $7 to $9 per day for) & 2 Locomotives remaining here in the yard from 10 to 12 days without turning a wheel, when they should be upon the Road at work on repairs
   I cannot in writing say all I have to say but if you can favor this place with your presence I will do all I can to show you where the defects lie
   I am not the only one who finds fault. Citizens of the place, Capts of Steamboats &c are all complaining daily of the may things as conducted here
Yours Most Respectfully
Jim Barnes
Agt B&A RR   {Brunswick & Albany RR}
Brunswick Geo