UA, SIW 4/26/1865

Office Shelby Iron Co.
April 26th 1865
Maj. Thos. Peters
Dear Sir,
   Mr. Lapsley & Mr. Hall failed to see you last week in Selma. Mr. Parthrman said you had written to me, but I have received nothing from you. I saw your letter to Mr. Lapsley. I understand Maj. Gorsuch said, that all the iron had been turned over to the Selma Iron Co. I don't know how this is. Maj. Wicks told me when he was here, that there was some (800) eight hundred tons of pig iron at the Bibb furnace. I did not suppose that the Govt. was owing the Selma to so much. Mr. Hall said he understood Maj. Gorsuch to say that he was expecting Maj. Pettit every day with money to settle all a/cs. If you make the arrangement with Col. Hunt of which you wrote get all the Bibb pig iron you can. If there should not be iron enough to pay us, cotton will do. I understand there are several hundred bales on Mr. Watts' plantation. If the iron at the Bibb furnace is turned over to us, it will be more convenient for us to secure it, than if taken in Selma. I would prefer pig iron to bar iron in settlement. It gives a better margin. Secure that machinery for us. We need the engine & boilers worse now than ever. Our rolling mill engine will not do for any purpose. The furnace engine with a great deal of work might be made to work awhile. I understand the engine at the Bibb mills was not much injured. Try and get permission from Col. Hunt for us to take it up & use it, if on examination we find it worth removing.  
   I have written Mr. Tillman to see you about the meat, leather & osnaburg. The Yankees played the devil with things here. Very little of our machinery is worth anything. In your letter to Mr. Lapsley you say you have $15000 to $20000 on hand. It will likely be several days before I can come to Selma. I am trying to assist the RRd {must have been the Alabama & Tennessee River RR} in repairing their bridges & Co; & will go down today with a number of hands to hurry up the work. If you are owing any borrowed money use what you have on hand to pay up. If you can't pay it out, I can use it here, but can get along without it.
   The chief business now, is to secure the meat, leather & osnaburgs, get Iron, cotton or money for what the Govt. owes, get the engine & boilers in Selma in possession & as much other good machinery from the wreck there as you can. I will be in Selma as soon as I can.
   This country is starving & the RRd must be put through as soon as possible to get corn. I will send down ten (10) teams Friday to haul corn to Plantersville & as no body seems to take much interest in fixing up the Road I will go down myself with our hands & see what can be done.
   Hurry up the work on the Cahaba road {Cahaba, Marion & Greensboro RR?} if you can. Folks can't live long on grass. Let me hear from you as soon as you can. Mr. Andrews can send a letter up to me. If Maj. Pettit returns with money & pays us off, let me know it at earliest day. The money should be invested with the least possible delay. The Yankees caught the Decatur last Sunday above Talladega & burnt her; tender & cars. Genl. Hill was the cause. He laid violent hands on her and would not suffer the engineer I learn to take her to a place of safety. A few more such licks will settle things I think.
Yours truly
A. T. Jones
   Do you want Crassman & Rollins? We have no use for them now.