UA, SIW 2/5/1864

Montevallo Coal Mines
Feby 5/64
Mr. Jones
Dear Sir,
   I have been ordered on duty in the Nitre & Mining Bureau by the Sec. of War, with orders to be put on duty at these mines & am here now to inspect & report to Maj. Hunt's office, the condition &c of the Branch R. R. {the Montevallo Coal RR?} from the A. & T. R. R. {Alabama & Tennessee River RR} to the mines. The object is to have the Branch Road repaired at once. I returned to Selma today. Capt. Pettit proposes to put the hands belonging to his Dept. to work on the Road & have the necessary repairs perfected in the shortest possible time & will be governed by my report, I think, in the matter. The Road is very much out of repair, as you perhaps, know, & must be fixed immediately. The only difficulty is the necessary timber. We want Stringers sawed of heart pine, if possible, 6x6 -- 20 ft long.
   I understand you have a saw mill, & perhaps, can furnish us some timber, such as above described. Please write to me at Selma as I can get your letter as soon as possible say next Monday, & let me hear if you can do so, how much you can furnish & at what time. I hope you will do all you can to aid us in this important matter, as it is to your interest to have these repairs made as well as to us, & the Govt.
Very Respty
Thos. J. Peters