TN, M&C 10/8/1863

   Memorandum of Agreement made this Eight day of October 1863 by the Memphis & Ohio Rail Road Company by Samuel B. Jones Genl Superintendent, and the Alabama & Tennessee River Rail Road Company, by William Rothrock Genl Superintendent.
   The Memphis & Ohio R. R. Co agree to lease to the Ala & Tenn R. R. R. Co., three (3) Locomotive engines named as follows -- "Thos Shepard" "Gen. Loving" and "A Woodruff" for service upon their Road. The engines are to be put in good order by being overhauled and repaired by the Ala & Tenn R. R. R. Co., at the cost of material & labor only, as shown by the Books of the Co. and are to be returned in as good order as after being repaired, natural wear alone being excepted, & to the order of the President or Gen. Supt of the Memphis & O. R. R. Co.
   The rate of compensation to be thirty (30) cents per mile run by each Engine & the account to be truly kept by the Ala & Tenn R. R. R. Co., the cost of repairing said locomotives to be paid by the Mem & O. R. R. Co. The accounts to be settled monthly. 
Sam B. Jones
Gen Supt
Mem. & O. R. R. Co.
W. Rothrock
Gen. Supt.
A. & T. R. R. R. Co.