ORN, Series 1, Vol. 8, Page 849

Executive Department of North Carolina
Raleigh, November 21, 1862
Hon. S. R. Mallory
Secretary of the Navy
Dear Sir,
  Upon consultation with the directors of the Atlantic & North Carolina Railroad Company, I have concluded to let you have the iron for the gunboat building on the Neuse River if you will get it from the torn-up portion of the road nearest the enemy. In consideration of the alarming condition of our main roads (the iron giving way, etc.), it is deemed advisable that the iron taken from the Atlantic road, which is nearly new, be exchanged with the other roads for their damaged rails, which I am told will answer for rolling as well as the others. The bolt iron of the destroyed bridges across the Neuse you can also have.
  In regard to the other boat in the Tar or Roanoke, I think you ought to furnish with iron from the Seaboard and Roanoke Road, which is close on hand and is principally the property, as I am informed, of an alien enemy.
  Please let me know if these propositions meet your approval. The railroad company, of course, expects to accept your proposition for providing for a return of the iron.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant
Z. B. Vance