ORN, Series 1, Vol. 13, Page 817

Savannah, November 27, 1862
S. R Mallory
   Roberts controls the road. Iron and other Government freight delayed for private speculation. General Mercer has ordered repeatedly to no purpose. The only remedy is in General Mercer being authorized by Secretary of War to take control of road. He concurs in this, and asked for orders from Beauregard, who, through Secretary, should issue the order. The Navy Department must have iron at once, or discontinue its efforts. Obtain the order for General Mercer to take control of the Savannah, Albany and Gulf Railroad, and all will be well.
J. G. Miner
Agent Navy Department
   Respectfully referred to Secretary of War, with request that the general in command may be directed to expedite the transportation.
S. R. Mallory
Secretary of the Navy