OR, Series 4, Vol. 2, Page 655

Confederate States of America, War Department
Richmond, Va., July 21, 1863
D. H. Kenney, Esq.
(Care of Engineer Bureau, Richmond, Va.)
  Having been appointed by the Chief of Engineers an agent for the purpose of purchasing or impressing the iron and rolling-stock belonging to the following roads, viz,

the Alabama and Florida Railroad, of Florida;

Gainesville Branch Mississippi, Gainesville & Tuscaloosa RR}, Mobile and Ohio Railroad;

Cahaba, Marion and Greensborough Railroad,

and Uniontown & Newbern Railroad {Alabama & Mississippi Rivers Railroad},

the Department is interested that your duties should be accomplished successfully, and has therefore addressed you this letter, that it may be shown to the military authorities in the various departments to which your duty calls you, in order that they may render you whatever aid may be requisite to enable you to fulfill the wishes of the Department.

James A. Seddon
Secretary of War