OR, Series 1, Vol. 52, Part 2, Page 647

Executive Department of Alabama
Montgomery, March 24, 1864
His Excellency President Davis
Dear Sir,
  It would be very greatly to the advantage of the Confederate States to complete the road from Blue Mountain, Ala., to Rome, Ga. The difference in the transportation of troops and supplies, so far as expense is concerned and expedition, makes the completion of this road a military necessity. If this road had been completed two months since Sherman never could have got back to the Mississippi River with his army. The expense saved to the Government would in six months more than pay for the building of the road. Besides, the foundries in Georgia are now almost entirely dependent for coal on the mines of Alabama. If this road is completed there is a direct route from the coal mines to the foundries and work-shops of the Government. The route now from Montevallo to Selma, thence by river to Montgomery, and thence by railroad to West Point, and thence to Atlanta. In this circuitous route bulk has to be broken three times. A glance at the map will satisfy you that this road should be at once completed. I trust it needs but a suggestion to induce you to give the matter your attention.
I have the honor to remain, your friend and obedient servant
T. H. Watts