OR, Series 1, Vol. 35, Part 2, Page 431

Office Chief Commissary
Quincy, Fla.
April 15, 1864
Maj. H. C. Guerin
Chief Commissary
Charleston, S. C.
   Your favor of 23d of March, with copy of one of 5th February last, came duly to hand, but my necessary and repeated absences prevented an immediate reply, and as I have no assistance and do all my own writing, it requires a long time to overtake the business which accumulates during these absences. The large increase of forces in this State, and especially cavalry, requires more corn to subsist them than we have in the State, consequently we can give you no assistance in this respect. As to beef, we are unable at present to supply the army here with it, and you need expect none from this State, until General Beauregard shall realize the necessity of opening the communication with the southern portion of the peninsula, and giving protection to our operations there, and until the War Department shall grant us the means of bringing them out.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
P. W. White
Major and Chief Commissary of Florida
Office Chief Commissary
April 21, 1864
   Respectfully referred for the information of the commanding general.
   I beg especial attention to the contingency on which a supply of cattle is to depend. On 30th October last I sent in a report which, among other matters, referred to the importance of connecting the Pensacola & Georgia with the Savannah{, Albany} & Gulf Railroad.
H. C. Guerin
Major and Commissary of Subsistence