OR, Series 1, Vol. 35, Part 1, Page 631

Hdqrs. Dept. of S. Carolina, Georgia, and Florida
Charleston, S. C.
February 18, 1864
General S. Cooper
Adjutant and Inspector General
   Recent events and the present state of affairs in East Florida induce me to address the Department and invoke attention to the urgent military importance of constructing a railroad connection between the Savannah and Albany (Georgia) Road {the Savannah, Albany & Gulf RR} and the road from Jacksonville to Tallahassee {the Pensacola & Georgia RR and the Florida, Atlantic & Gulf Central RR}.
   The distance of the road to be built and the practicability at this time, as well as all matters involved, will be found fully set forth in two communications from Maj. Henry Bryan, with inclosures, forwarded through these headquarters, the one on the 26th February and the other the 19th March, 1863.
   Had this road been completed at present as suggested re-enforcements could have been thrown to the aid of General Finegan with such celerity as to lead to signal results.
   I need not dwell upon the present importance of the meat and other subsistence resources of Florida, and a glance at W. Alvin Floyd's Southern Railroad Map, recently published, will show the value of such a road in the defense of that region.
Respectfully, your obedient servant,
G. T. Beauregard