OR, Series 1, Vol. 28, Part 2, Page 545

December 8, 1863
Brigadier-General Jordan
   It is proper that I should notify the commanding general that I have just been informed by Captain Behré, post commissary, that there will not be meat enough for issue to the troops of this command to-morrow without calling on our reserve supply in Saint Andrew's. This supply is but a few days' rations, and was, ordered by the commanding general for a different contingency. I have ordered it used for this occasion.
Johnson Hagood
Brigadier-General, Commanding
   Referred by General Beauregard to chief commissary, for attention, December 9, 1863.
Office Chief Commissary
December 10, 1863
   Respectfully returned.
   I some time ago informed the commanding general that there was a scarcity of meat, and that interruptions were to be expected.
   The failure of beef for this command would not have occurred so soon if transportation on the Savannah Railroad {Savannah, Albany & Gulf RR} were more prompt, or if it were not deficient on the other railroads likewise, all of which should have brought in cattle yesterday, but none of which did so. By the Savannah Railroad, fifteen car-loads were brought in this morning, being only a portion of a lot which has been waiting transportation at Stockton for some three weeks.
H. C. Guerin
Major, and Chief Commissary of Subsistence