OR, Series 1, Vol. 14, Page 484

HDQRS. Dept. of South Carolina and Georgia
Charleston, April 28, 1862.
General S. Cooper
Adjutant and Inspector General:
   I desire to bring to the consideration of the War Department the importance of connecting through Savannah the Albany, Gulf and Georgia Central Railroad.
   The rolling stock of the Albany and Gulf road is considerable, including some ten locomotives. Should the enemy ever succeed against Savannah all this stock must be lost for want of this connection, not exceeding three-fourths of a mile.
   I have endeavored to impress upon the officers of the company the risk they run in neglecting to have this work done. They still decline, however, to undertake it at the cost of the company entirely, but are willing to bear one-half the expenses. This road is doing very little business, and might readily spare some of its rolling stock to other roads not so well supplied. If the war continues we shall need every locomotive in the Confederacy. It seems to me therefore good policy to expend a sum not exceeding $6,000 to secure so important an object.
I am, &c.,
J. C. Pemberton
Major- General, Commanding