NP, WJ 3/10/1862

From the Wilmington Journal
March 10, 1862
   The Newbern Progress says that about three o'clock on Friday morning, a small boat was seen to pass under the railroad bridge {on the Atlantic & North Carolina RR} over the Trent River at that place, but it did not stop. At four o'clock a light blaze was discovered about mid-way the bridge. The alarm was instantly given, but the vile perpetrator of the deed was not discovered. The guard succeeded in extinguishing the fire, and preventing a disastrous conflagration.
   The incendiary apparatus was in the shape of a wire net, or basket, filled with hemp, saturated with spirits of turpentine, and fastened to the bridge by a common drawing chain, wrapped with rags, also saturated, as were the timbers of the bridge clear across.
   This was evidently a deliberately planned and skillfully devised scheme to destroy the bridge. It shows the sort of dangers we have to guard against, and ought to stimulate our rail road guards, authorities and employees to renewed vigilance.