NP, WJ 2/17/1863

From the Wilmington Journal
February 17, 1863
   It would appear to be perfectly evident that the enemy is concentrating a heavy force in the waters and upon the coasts of South Carolina and Georgia, with the view of making an early attack upon the leading cities of both States.
   For reason referred to in a former issue, we believe that the main designs of the Federals point to an attack upon Charleston rather than Savannah, since Charleston is the main inlet through which supplies and munitions or war find their way into the Confederacy for the support of our armies, and the prosecution of the war. As previously remarked, Savannah has virtually ceased to be a port, no vessel having gone in there for months.
   But although Savannah has ceased to be a port of entry, she still possesses a large measure of importance by means of her road connections, especially the Savannah, Albany & Gulf railroad, extending some 180 miles into Southern Georgia, which section, formerly devoted to cotton, turned out in 1862 a most magnificent corn, wheat and hog crop, being in fact, our main dependence for the bread and meat necessary for feeding our forces on the Southern Atlantic coast. This Savannah, Albany & Gulf railroad, crosses the Ogeechee River a few miles above Genesis Point, and it is more than probably that the object of the attack on Fort McAllister was in fact to burn the bridge and destroy the connection of Savannah and Charleston with Southern Georgia. The attack failed, but there is no assurance that it will not be renewed, nor can we disguise the fact, that we feel somewhat anxious in reference to the result, for although one iron-clad was driven off, we cannot say whether the event might not have been different had there been five or six of them. That the enemy would like to get possession of the Ogeechee River is perfectly natural since such possession would be apt to give them control of the most important public works in the State of Georgia, to say nothing of the Nashville, now known as the C. S. Steamer Rattlesnake, which the Federals are blockading in the Ogeechee. Of course we give the enemy no information by stating this fact, since they have been watching the Nashville for months, and know where she is better than we do.