NP, WD 2/19A/1861

From the Western Democrat (Charlotte, N.C.)
February 19, 1861
Home Manufacture
Guns, Shot and Shell
   We saw specimens of altered muskets, shot and shell, the work of the ordinary hands employed in the machine shops of the Atlantic & North Carolina railroad, at Newbern, under the superintendence of Mr. T. J. Hudson, Master Machinist. These experiments were made at the suggestion of the energetic President of the Atlantic & North Carolina railroad, John D. Whitford, Esq. We saw the North Carolina alteration of the old muskets by the side of that of New York, and the former was vastly superior to the latter in every respect. The samples of shot included a 64-pounder and a 6-pounder; the shells were 40-pound shells. The casting was faultless. We understand from Mr. Whitford that he will take a contract at the cost of the articles North, and will work to any sample produced, and guarantee at least as good an article.
   We trust Mr. W. will get a contract, and we should suppose he can, for it seems the Black Republicans are bent upon cutting off the supplies northward. At all events home industry should be encouraged. Mr. Whitford is entitled to great credit for his enterprize in this matter. The specimens we are now alluding to may be seen at the Executive office.
Raleigh Journal
   We take pleasure in copying the above, and also express the hope that workshops in our own State will receive all the encouragement possible. Mr. Whitford, the President of the Atlantic & N. C. Railroad, is an enterprising gentleman and a successful and valuable citizen. He manages his Road well, judging from our own observation and from the Report of the commission appointed by the last Legislature to examine its affairs. We learned from a member of that commission that there was not the least fault to be found with Mr. Whitford's management.