NP, RSTD 6/23B/1863

From the Raleigh Standard
June 23, 1863
Board of Internal Improvements
   The Board of Internal Improvements met in this City on Friday last, present His Excellency Gov. Vance and J. H. Flanner, Esq. The Hon. E. G. Reade was prevented by indisposition from being present. The following appointments were made: 
   John Everett of Wayne, John D. Flanner of Craven, Rufus S. Tucker of Wake, Albert Johnson of Wake, John Berry of Orange, Cyrus P. Mendenhall of Guilford, D. A. Davis of Rowan, and W. C. Means of Cabarrus. Ralph Gorrell, State proxy.
   Peter G. Evans of Carteret, C. R. Thomas of Carteret, A. T. Jerkins of Craven, W. B. Wadsworth of Craven, Council Wooten of Lenoir, James M. Parrott of Lenoir, J. H. Peebles of Lenoir, and Council Best of Wayne. William H. Oliver, State proxy.
   R. W. Lassiter of Granville, J. B. Littlejohn of Franklin, and George Little of Wake. Dr. E. A. Crudup, State proxy.
   J. M. Cathey of Haywood, W. W. Avery of Burke, A. M. Powell of Catawba, William Murphey of Rowan, N. W. Woodfin of Buncombe, Geo. F. Davidson of Iredell, F. E. Shober of Rowan, S. B. Erwin of McDowell. Anderson Mitchell, State proxy.
   The following well-timed and appropriate resolution was offered by Gov. Vance, and adopted. We trust it will have the desired effect:
   Whereas, Owing to the greatly increased travel and transportation on our Railroads during the last two years, increased expenditures have been necessary to keep them in proper repair, and the Railroad companies have been compelled thereby to raise from time to time their rates of freight and travel; and whereas, the agricultural interest of the State, which is our main reliance to support and carry on the war, may be seriously injured if no restriction or limitation is placed on these charges:
   Resolved, as the opinion of this Board, That hereafter, no further increase of charges should be made by any Railroad company, unless a cause for it should arise which does not now exist; and that only a sufficient sum of money should be raised by each of said companies to defray their necessary expenses, to provide for the repairs and renewal of their Roads, and to declare such dividends as may be reasonable in amount. And the State proxies at the meetings of companies hereafter to be held, are hereby instructed to ascertain what limitation, if any, may be necessary to effect these objects.