NP, RR 6/21/1862

From the Raleigh Register
June 21, 1862
Appointments by the Board of Internal Improvements
   The Board of Internal Improvements met in this city on Tuesday last and made the following appointments:
   Directors on the part of the State in the North Carolina Railroad Company: Paul C. Cameron, J. W. B. Watson, John D. Bellamy, Ralph Gorrell, D. M. Barringer, Samuel Hargrave, P. B. Hawkins, and John J. Shaver. State Proxy, Hon. William A. Graham.
   Atlantic & North Carolina Railroad Company: Council B. Wood, Johnson H. Bryan, Lewis C. Desmond, E. A. Thompson, Charles R. Thomas, Peter G. Evans, Henry F. Bond, and Council Wooten. State Proxy, Hon. M. E. Manley.
   Western North Carolina Railroad Company: W. W. Avery, N. W. Woodfin, R. C. Pearson, William H. Thomas, George F. Davidson, A. M. Powell, William Murphy, and Archibald Henderson. State Proxy, Anderson Mitchell.
   Raleigh & Gaston Railroad Company: William J. Hawkins, C. H. K. Taylor, and Gaston H. Wilder. State Proxy, Hon. D. M. Barringer.