NP, RD 4/19A/1862

From the Richmond Dispatch
April 19, 1862
From the North
Atlantic & North Carolina Railroad
   After the rout of the rebels at Newbern, they took away with them all the locomotives and cars of the Atlantic & North Carolina railroad (except a few platform and hand-cars) to Kinston and Goldsborough, and burned one bridge between Newbern and Kinston , besides the long bridge at Newbern. In addition to the rolling stock left by them, there are also some hand-cars, brought from the North by Gen. Burnside, all of which are found very useful in transporting army stores and material. A locomotive and additional rolling stock will also soon be here from the North, which will very largely increase the usefulness to the army of this road. It is occupied and guarded between Newbern and Moorhead City by the Rhode Island 5th. Havelock Station is in charge of Capt. Arnold's company, and at present is of considerable importance.
   The bridge over the river at Newport City was burned by a detachment from fort Macon on Tuesday, the 18th--four days after the battle at Newbern--and almost entirely destroyed. The bridge was 180 feet long, and very substantial and well built.