NP, RD 3/18/1862

From the Richmond Daily Dispatch
March 18, 1862
Moving under Difficulties
   A locomotive, of large size, brought to Richmond from Mr. Allan's plantation (Claremont) on James river, was moved yesterday to the depot of the Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Railroad. It was mounted upon stout wheels, and in the absence of steam, some thirty mules and horses were attached; but even with this power, it was found no easy matter to haul the iron monster to its destination. Near the corner of Main and 13th streets, the traces parted, and a dozen mules shot gaily forward, relieved of their burden, while the majority, with the locomotive, stuck fast to the pavement. An immense crowd assembled, and the incident afforded considerable excitement for an hour or two. At length the team was properly hitched up again, but the combined horse and mule power, with the whips and "hi-hi's" of the drivers, availed nothing. It was an up hill business Finally a strong rope was procured and made fast to the ponderous vehicle, and some two hundred of the bystanders took their places in the line to aid the quadrupeds in their labor. The experiment succeeded. With a long pull and a strong pull, and amid vociferous shouting, the work was successfully accomplished and the locomotive conveyed safely to the depot on Broad street.