NP, NYT 9/13/1861

From the New York Times
September 13, 1861
From Gen. Banks' Army; Railroad Operations of the Rebels

Point of Rocks, Wednesday, Sept. 11

   Union men from Martinsburgh on Saturday, report that the rebels have taken up the entire track on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad from that town to North Mountain, a distance of 9 miles, and transported the rails, etc., to Manchester, for the extension of the Alexandria, Loudoun & Hampshire Railroad, from Strasburgh to that point. The track torn up was lately relaid by the company. 
   At Duffield's station, on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, the rebels were busily engaged in taking down seven or eight new and first-class locomotives for transportation on the Winchester {& Potomac RR}. These locomotives had but recently been put upon the route; some of them are of the heaviest kind, and were probably spared by the rebels in the recent conflagrations on account of their adaptability to transporting troop-trains in Virginia.
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