NP, STD 2/9/1861

From the The Standard {Clarksville, Tex.}
February 9, 1861
Cheap Railroad
   The following from the Message of Gov. Moore of Louisiana, shows the cheapest mode of rail road construction. It is the plan upon which it was desired to construct the Memphis & El Paso, if the necessary funds to purchase 200 negroes could have been obtained.
   The report transmitted to me by the President of the Grosse Tete & Opelousas Railroad Company {Baton Rouge, Grosse Tete & Opelousas RR}, gives a satisfactory view of that valuable public improvement. Six miles of the second section of twelve miles, from the Bayou Grosse Tete to Livonia, are by this time completed, and the whole will be finished by the middle of this month. The whole cost of the section will not exceed $8500 per mile, and the remaining distance of thirteen miles, from Livonia to the Atchafalaya river, is not expected to cost more, and will be completed throughout by the first of January next. The company have the means in hand, or if any small debt should remain, it can be immediately discharged by the estimated receipts of the road, or by the sale of negroes belonging to the company. This road has been constructed with extraordinary economy, mainly by the labor of slaves. The example is well worthy the study of railroad companies in the south. The full reports of affairs of these roads, with such other matters concerning them as may be thought important, will be communicated to you as fast as received.