NP, SP 3/23A/1861

From the Sugar Planter {West Baton Rouge, La.}
March 23, 1861
Our Railroad  {Baton Rouge, Grosse Tete & Opelusas RR}
   Notwithstanding the pressure of the times our railroad is doing a good business both in out and return freights. For some time past, all hands on this great and fast increasing thoroughfare have had as much to do as they could well attend to. This fact speaks volumes for our road, which when it reaches the Atchafalaya river will double increase its amount of business. Push along the column, you gentlemen on the other side of that river, and you will no longer be dependent for supplies and shipment upon the eccentricities of old Father Red River. It affords us much pleasure to learn that the people of Northwestern Louisiana are fast wakening up to the great importance of this artificial outlet to the Mississippi, which brings them within three day's travel of New Orleans, and a sure medium of conveyance at all seasons of the year.