NP, SMN 1/1/1862

From the Savannah Morning News
January 1, 1862
To Railroad Contractors
Offices S., A. & G. R. R. Company  {Savannah, Albany & Gulf RR}
Savannah, Dec. 24, 1861
   Contracts will be made as soon as satisfactory proposals are received, for embanking portions of the trestle work in the Altamaha swamps, as follows:
Length in Feet Cub. Yards (Approximate)
Jones' Creek 500 12,582
Fountain Branch 700 11,200
Cypress Flats 300 3,400
Back Swamp 2800 58,110
Forest Pond 500 10,232
Main Trestle 1200 48,068


6000 143,592
   The embankments may be formed of either the clay or sand to be found in the vicinity of the work, but if of sand, they must have a casing of clay of such thickness as the Company's Engineer may consider a sufficient protection against freshets, and to extend in all cases above the highest water mark.
   The material composing the casing must generally be Swamp Clay, but when this material cannot be conveniently procured, clay from the adjoining hills may be substituted; but in all cases its fitness for the intended purpose will be judged of by the Company's Engineer. Damage to the embankments, if any, by freshets during the progress of the work, will be sustained by the Contractor. Payment one-third cash, the balance in the capital stock of the Company at par. Address
Hiram Roberts
Acting President
Savannah, or
J. T. Stone
Chief Engineer
Thomasville, Ga.