NP, QD 10/11/1862

From the Dispatch (Quincy, Fl.)
October 11, 1862
Savannah, Albany & Gulf Railroad
Leave Savannah 9:15 A. M.
Arrive at Valdosta 5:45 P. M.
Leave Valdosta 4:30 A. M.
Arrive at Savannah 12:55 P. M.
   The Train arriving at Savannah at 12:55 connects with the train on the C. R. R., departing at 1:30 p. m. (day) and 11:30 p. m. (night).
   The Schedule on this Road is arranged so as to connect with the Pensacola & Georgia by stage from Madison to Valdosta. Thus by this route passengers leaving the Tallahassee Depot at 3 P. M. will reach Savannah next day by 12:55.
Jasper J. Fulton, Sup.
{schedule first published July 31, 1860}