NP, GT 10/24/1862

From the Georgia Telegraph (Macon, Ga.)
October 24, 1862
F. P. Holcombe, Esq.
   We are pained to learn that Mr. Holcombe committed suicide at his plantation in Macon County, last Sunday by blowing out his brains. We learn that at noon last Sunday Mr. Holcombe called from the door of his house upon a servant and while the latter and Mr. Holcombe's overseer were approaching the house in answer to his summons, they heard the report of a pistol, and upon entering the house found Mr. H. in the agonies of death. Mr. Holcombe was widely known in Georgia, principally as an eminent civil engineer, in which capacity he projected the Southwestern Railroad, and at the time of his death, was engaged on the Savannah{, Albany} & Gulf Road. He was a native of Delaware, a man of energy and business talents -- highly esteemed by all who knew him and had accumulated a large fortune in a comparatively short space of time. He was a widower and without children. Various conjectures have been made as to the cause of the act which terminated his life, but from some occurrences of a recent date, which have come to our knowledge, we have not the shadow of a doubt that he was insane.