NP, MT 5/2A/1862

From the Macon (Ga.) Telegraph
May 2, 1862
Macon & Brunswick Rail Road
   We are gratified in being able to announce that the Macon & Brunswick Railroad Company have concluded an arrangement with Messrs. Nightingale, Huger & Co., for grading their entire line of Road from the point to which it is now completed, to the point of junction with the {Savannah,} Albany & Gulf Rail Road. The contract made, while it places the construction of the Road beyond contingency, and within a very brief time, is certainly not more advantageous to the company than to the contractors, who are wealthy proprietors upon the seaboard, but have been driven by the enemy from their estates, and find themselves with a large force without locality or employment. The Road, while consulting its own advancement, has also subserved a highly patriotic purpose in furnishing occupation to a numerous body of laborers who otherwise would have been idle. 
   With this movement looking to the early completion of the enterprise, the stock must advance. No one need be told that, with a complete line of communication to Savannah and Brunswick, it is bound to be a paying enterprise so soon as the incubus of war is lifted off the shoulders of our people.
   We are also pleased to state that the trains on this road recommence their trips to day, probably running as far as the Marion station, and during the week will reach Buzzard Roost again. We will send the Marion package by today's train, and hope to forward all the packages, as of yore, during the week.