NP, CE 7/10/1864

From the Columbus (Ga.) Enquirer
July 10, 1864
Locomotive Smashed – Heavy Loss
   The Mississippian says that a locomotive, for the Alabama & Tennessee River Railroad, was brought down the river, a day or two since, and landed at Selma, at the public wharf, to which point a rail track has been laid, extending down to the water’s edge. The locomotive was yesterday placed upon the track, to be removed to the depot, but it was found necessary to await the shipment of a large siege gun. The gun was started down the track on a common truck, which, almost as soon as it left the level ground, broke loose from those handling it and ran with powerful impetus into the locomotive. The gun struck the front of the locomotive, and came near making a complete wreck of it. The damage done was very considerable, as it is thought that it will require some months to repair it. It was purchased at a cost of one hundred and four thousand dollars. The road is in great need of more locomotive power, and this accident will be greatly felt by the company and the Government.