NP, AC 1/13/1861

From the Augusta Constitutionalist
January 13, 1861
Special Correspondence
Exchange Hotel, Room 37
Montgomery, Ala., Jan. 10, 1861
To the Editor of the Constitutionalist
   I left Tallahassee on Monday afternoon, at four o'clock, by way of Monticello, Fla. {on the Pensacola & Georgia RR}, in cars, then to Quitman, Ga., (twenty-seven miles) by stage coach, then by the {Savannah, Albany &} Gulf railroad to Savannah, and then to Montgomery, Ala., by the cars; which latter place I reached, from Tallahassee, in four hours less than two days. I was surprised and delighted at the route from Savannah to Tallahassee. The Gulf railroad passes through the levelest portion of country I have ever seen, and tangents or straight lines extend in some cases sixty miles.  There are very few, if any, curves in it, and the running time is very satisfactory. The line of stages is all that could be desired, and the best of coaches, the drivers, and large and reliable horses are the only kind used.